Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Take away my muse?


I’d probably like that Widgerson fellow if I ever met him. From today’s Sound Off in the Waukesha Freeman (still just 50 cents!):

Wigderson and Scrima

    Widgerson sure is negative. If the mayor would like to make Widgerson more positive, he should consider resigning. That would make all of Waukesha “a happy family.”

    By the way, couldn’t the mayor, at the very least, have written an original holiday message instead of cutting and pasting his last contrived state of the city address? Talk about lazy.

Let me confess to a conflict of interest. If Scrima resigns, the column runs the risk of becoming chili recipes and fashion tips for Paul Ybarra. Maybe the occasional 700 words on the virtues of allowing firepits to burn after midnight.

Or I could join the Sound Off callers and make fun of Democratic oddball Graeme Zielinski.

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