Friday, October 21st, 2016

I forgot to include these predictions with my other list: Milwaukee County Executive County Executive Scott Walker will defeat State Senator Lena Taylor. The campaign was successfully framed about taxes, and buses and parks hardly stir the masses. Taylor should have focused on the pension scandal, but that would require her to know something about […]

At the beginning of the year, I made the following prediction:12. The Milwaukee Brewers will finish 88-74. (88+74=162, okay I didn’t screw that up this year.) Of course, I also predicted:13. Bud Selig will not finish 2008 as Baseball Commissioner. That was right before Selig signed a new contract extension with the owners. Last year […]

The Associated Press is reporting Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton (D-Hollywood) will run for governor if Governor Jim Doyle does not run for re-election. These are the kinds of stories used to scare children. “Eat your vegetables Johnny or Barbara Lawton will run for governor.”“Bill, stop scaring the children so much. Tell them about the Bogeyman […]

Take them for what their worth. My track record on predictions is not pretty, although I do well on races I take an intense interest in. I don’t make formal endorsements at the Wigderson Library & Pub, although my preferences are often obvious. Gableman vs. Butler I don’t think Gableman established the “law and order” […]

My wife, the lovely Doreen from Waukesha, is related to the actual “Pistol Packin’ Mama” of song, and folk musician left-winger Pete Seeger apparently knows about Doreen’s aunt and her family. So if any of my more leftwing readers knows a way to get in touch with Pete Seeger -maybe you met him at Earth […]

Anyone else in our aldermanic district get a bundle of propaganda stuffed in your door in the middle of the night? Print this entry

Idiot politician of the week What a great week for the idiots. It’s a miracle some polticians can walk and chew gum at the same time. This week’s blog entry is for those that can’t. New York Senator Hillary Clinton reminded everyone of the 1990s the other day when she claimed her trip to Bosnia […]

Ruth Page Jones is the third-announced Democratic candidate for the 97th Assembly District. The winner of the September primary will take on (lose to) State Representative Bill Kramer in November. Ruth Page Jones is known locally as the head of Project ABC, a moribund group that advocated for higher school taxes. She is also head […]

Darryl Enriquez of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel previews our aldermanic race. The good news is that Christopher Hernandez either forgot to hide the address of the bat cave or the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran with it anyway. Christopher HernandezAge: 28 Address; time in the district: 1941 Jefferson Ave.; lifelong resident of Waukesha, lived in district […]

After all, I am among the Best of the Wisconsin Blogs nearly every single week. It’s hard to be humble when you’re as wonderful as me. Sometimes I’m just in awe of my own talents. Of course, the trophies they keep sending me are becoming something of a nuisance. I may have to add a […]