Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Proving Barack Obama will even talk with the Devil himself, a deal was cut that allowed Florida and Michigan to seat half their delegates. Clinton was pushing to have the entire Michigan and Florida delegations seated, over Obama’s objections. The committee of 30 party activists worked all day on a compromise. The compromise to give […]

If he believes in birthdays. Hard to tell. From Wikipedia: Over time, Hurley became a strict vegan and an adherent to the straightedge style of living. He was inspired to pick up the drumsticks early on by Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, and though he played in plenty of acts throughout the years including Project Rocket, Arma […]

Congressman Paul Ryan is a good looking guy. Or so I am told, as I really hadn’t noticed. He’s smart, energetic, and moving up. He has big ideas. He could be the Republican nominee for Vice President. If not this election, four years from now. Congressman Ryan also just proposed a comprehensive plan, The Roadmap […]

The Waukesha school district has two finalists for superintendent to replace the retiring Dave Schmidt. The candidates are Todd Gray from the Oshkosh School District and James Heiden from the Cudahy School District. Gray currently serves as deputy superintendent of business services and Heiden has been the superintendent for Cudahy for the past three years. […]

In this week’s “WisOpinion: The Show”, Jeff Mayers interviewed Bryan Kennedy, the president of the AFT. Kennedy endorses the appointment of Biddy Martin as UW Madison chancellor because she supports collective bargaining rights for faculty. In other words, you can’t say you weren’t warned. Kennedy also wants to tax businesses more rather than make any […]

Judge Richard Neiss of Dane County rejected a lawsuit claiming the referendum amending the constitution to ban same-sex marriage was itself unconstitutional. UW-Oshkosh instructor William McConkey challenged the amendment, arguing Wisconsin statutes limit referendums on constitutional amendments to a single question. McConkey’s attorneys argued that the marriage amendment asked voters to respond to two separate […]

Time for another Friday afternoon cocktail hour. Beverage, anyone? Another cold brew on a Friday? Fortunately, we have some beer experts over at NPR (radio so good it oughtta sell commercials) to give us a little podcast knowledge to go with our beer. It’s beer that made Milwaukee famous — and in this hour, live […]

On the one hand, imagine seeing KISS in your hotel in Stockholm purely by chance. Pretty cool. On the other hand, there’s a heavy metal band with thousands of fanatic fans staying in your hotel. Must’ve been a Secret Service nightmare. “I was thrilled,” {Secretary of State Condoleezza} Rice said of her late-night encounter with […]

I had a chance to talk with Mike Dean from the First Freedom Foundation the other evening on the way back from Congressman Ryan’s town hall meeting in Janesville (more later on that). For those of you who don’t know, the First Freedom Foundation is an invaluable organization for the conservative movement in Wisconsin. From […]

I find it hard to believe that holding weddings in this setting is so disruptive to the community that the owner is being denied a conditional use permit and is actually getting fined for the violations. ht: Spring City Chronicle Update!After reading this, I hope she sells it to a developer who turns it into […]