Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

In this week’s column for the Waukesha Freeman, I suggest Senator Feingold may actually have hit upon a good idea: But letting voters choose replacement senators in a special election rather than letting the governors decide is consistent with our principles and our experience. With special elections we need not fear whether someone has paid […]

On the Koschnick-Abrahamson race, Jim Rowen engages in some wonderful projection: If these one-note conservative ideologues keep it up we’ll end up with appointed, not elected, Justices. The public, nauseated, will demand it. Um, Jim? If the public keeps voting for conservatives, why would the public demand justices get their seats by appointment? Or is […]

Yahoo Sports has an article about a few of the remaining top high school football prospects and their possible colleges. Six of the nation’s top 10 prospects remain up for grabs, and the jockeying, scrambling and final pushes before the dead period is in full swing. A minute doesn’t go by where there’s a rumor […]

Most fans of global warming love James Hansen, the NASA scientist pushing the idea that global warming is man-made. But has anyone asked Hansen’s boss what he thinks? The retired scientist formerly in charge of key NASA climate programs has come out as a sceptic. Dr John Theon, who supervised James Hansen – the activist-scientist […]

From State Representative Rich Zipperer: “I’m ready to work with anyone from either side of the aisle on real solutions that fix our economy and bring jobs to Wisconsin. Those include lowering the tax burden on families and small businesses, easing the regulatory burdens that are pushing jobs away, and ending the tax and spend […]

Sad news out of Florida. Billy Powell, keyboardist for the band Lynyrd Skynyrd, has passed away. He was 56. The Associated Press is reporting Powell called 911 to say that he was having trouble breathing. When emergency responders arrived they were unable to revive Powell. Powell had a history of heart problems. Powell was a […]

The Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families has a primer for those interested in enrolling their children in virtual schools, including information about the enrollment cap. The total number of students who can enroll in virtual schools statewide through the open enrollment process each year is capped at 5,250. If more than 5,250 students want […]

The next time someone starts talking about a “non-partisan judiciary” my laughter will be uncontrollable. Governor Doyle appointed former Waukesha Democratic Party Chairman Rick Congdon as a judge. Among the candidates for the position was former Waukesha County Assistant District Attorney Dennis Krueger. Republicans should start planning his campaign now to defeat Congdon in the […]

I think I got called a phony tonight on the radio. On today’s program, WISN’s Mark Belling once again claimed that State Supreme Court candidate Judge Randy Koschnick is not a candidate who can criticize judicial activism because of his past as a defense attorney, specifically as Ted Oswald’s attorney. More, Belling takes umbrage at […]

The Wisconsin State Assembly passed two bills today, Assembly Bill 1 and Assembly Bill 2, that will do nothing to help the taxpayers of Wisconsin or make Wisconsin government more efficient. But, hey, it will make some legislators feel better. Assembly Bill 1 would require state and local government “to try to purchase at least […]