Thursday, October 27th, 2016

It was a packed house at today’s town hall meeting with Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner and State Representative Bill Kramer. There were 90 people there (not including staff), three times the normal amount according to Congressman Sensenbrenner. Among the notables: former Waukesha mayoral candidate Jim Young, blogger M.E. from Stand in the Trenches, Alexander from A […]

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has an article in today’s Wall Street Journal explaining why he did not submit a list for the federal “stimulus” bill. Wisconsin now faces an unprecedented $5.75 billion budget deficit, fourth-largest in the nation. Many municipalities also face deficits. My county, however, finished fiscal year 2007 with a $7.9 million […]

Kevin Binversie at Lakeshore Laments reminds us why, especially in Wisconsin, environmentalists really chafe our asses. Despite the news of some plants closing in Niagara and Kimberly, the paper industry is a vital part of region’s past and an important part of the economy. Up in the area alone there are plants making Charmin, Northern, […]

This is the early Ann Coulter warning. The Department of Homeland Security has issued an Ann Coulter Live Microphone warning. At 12:30 PM EST on Saturday, February 28th, Ann Coulter will be given a live microphone to speak into. According to the Ann Coulter Early Warning Agency, exposure to Coulter over amplified sound may result […]

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner and State Representative Bill Kramer will be at the Waukesha Public Library (aka the Taj Ma Larry) for a town hall meeting at 1:00 PM today. The massive explosion in federal and state spending will be the main topic today, although I’m sure both Sensenbrenner and Kramer will have more than a […]

A number of Assembly Republicans (including Leah Vukmir, Rich Zipperer, Bill Kramer, and Don Pridemore) attempted to change the rules for approving tax increases in the state legislature. Instead of a simple majority, the rule would have required a 2/3 super-majority vote. Of course with the Democrats in charge the bill did not pass. It […]

Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson and her supporters like to play up her non-partisan nature, while painting her opponent Judge Randy Koschnick as a partisan Republican. I just want to say, who am I to argue with a State Supreme Court Chief Justice? After all, Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, it doesn’t […]

Happy Birthday to’s Michael Horne. He is fifty-five today. Age is a contest, and I’m happy to report he’s ahead. I wanted to get him a present but I knew nothing less than an original Di Suervo would do, and it was too hard to gift wrap. Print this entry

Conservative commentator and Chicago Cubs fan* George Will wrote a column attacking Senator Russ Feingold’s proposed change to the 17th Amendment to require special elections in the event of a US Senate vacancy. Instead, Will would rather we repeal the 17th Amendment entirely and allow the selection of senators by the state legislatures. (ht: Boots […]

Prominent on my computer desktop is the pdf file of Governor Doyle’s proposed state budget. It’s more stimulating than a double-espresso. All you have to do is click on any page (AB75) and the ohmigawds will come out of you while your blood pressure rises. In last week’s column for the Waukesha Freeman, I took […]