Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

The World Health Organization is taking the US lead and has decided that the swine flu will no longer be the swine flu. Out of deference to our porcine (kosher-challenged) companions, we shall now only refer to the disease as H1N1-A. Apparently the old name was scaring Congress away from pork-barrel spending. Print this entry

From today’s Waukesha Freeman Sound Off: Social Security I am commenting on the person that was published in the Saturday Sound Off blaming President Bush because they lost half of their money in the stock market and was also glad that he never had a chance to privatize Social Security. Your problem is that you […]

State Senator Ted Kanavas has more patience than some of us. Throughout the month of April, Senator Kanavas has chosen a different tax increase to highlight every day. The $1.7 billion in tax increases are in addition to the $1.2 billion passed earlier this year by Doyle and the Democrats in the legislature. Senator Kanavas […]

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker formally launched his campaign for governor today in a five-stop tour. Gilligan and Mary Ann could not be reached for comment. Owen Robinson has an interview with Walker and the announcement speech. An excerpt from the speech: I believe in Wisconsin. I believe in a state that places the education […]

Our friends at the MacIver Institute alert us to an impending vote on library funding as part of the state budget. The governor is once again raiding another segregated fee to fund a pet project, even as he eliminates the pet project’s existing funding from the general fund. Worse, the fund he is raiding doesn’t […]

Pretty rough when a gay advocate website is more concerned about our tax climate than our acceptance of homosexuals. (Ht: Real Debate Wisconsin) As state governments scramble to stay above water – cutting both unneeded and needed services – the local legislatures grapple with ways to increase revenue. And you know what that means. More […]

No, really. I know. I thought it was from The Onion, too. Wasn’t there an episode of The Andy Griffith Show where Otis the town drunk joined Aunt Bea and her friends in campaigning for temperance? Print this entry

At the same Notre Dame University commencement ceremony where President Barack Obama is expected to speak, Mary Ann Glendon was to receive the Laetare Medal, an annual award given in recognition of outstanding service to the Roman Catholic church. Because of the invitation to President Obama, the granting of an honorary degree, and the subsequent […]

The Black Panthers sold Mao’s “Little Red Book”. The Gideons give away the Bible. And now, Agoura Hills, California, is spending $6,000 to encourage residents to read President Obama’s “The Audacity of Hope.” The City of Agoura Hills, California recently spent about $6,000 of taxpayer money to encourage local residents to read and discuss Barack […]

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker is announcing his candidacy for governor on Tuesday. Likely to join him in the Republican Primary is former Congressman Mark Neumann. In the Waukesha Freeman today (still just 50 cents), I previewed the race between the two Republicans for the opportunity to take on Governor Doyle. Neumann has strengths as […]