Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

On this date in 1043, Lady Godiva made her famous ride to protest her husband’s oppressive taxation. According to the popular story, Lady Godiva took pity on the people of Coventry, who were suffering grievously under her husband’s oppressive taxation. Lady Godiva appealed again and again to her husband, who obstinately refused to remit the […]

As the most radical, anti-business, anti-taxpayer state budget in history moves from the JFC to the Assembly, some political watchers are wondering if Governor Doyle is running for re-election. They figure after this budget Doyle will be un-electable, that Doyle knows this, and that’s why he won’t run. What they don’t account for is how […]

George Tiller, a doctor who performs late-term abortions in Kansas, was shot and killed as he walked into church this morning. George Tiller, the Wichita doctor who became a national lightning rod in the debate over abortion, was shot to death this morning as he walked into church services. Tiller, 67, was shot just after […]

A new non-profit newspaper in Wisconsin Rapids, Voice of Wisconsin Rapids, is testing their website which is officially launching June 4. In the meantime, they ask if you will please “browse and try to break things.” Print this entry

Blogger Cindy Kilkenny declined to be interviewed regarding a lawsuit filed by Joseph C. Niebler Sr., President of NFI Properties LLC. (See correspondence at bottom.) However, she took the time to answer my questions on her blog, even if she didn’t mention that I asked them. Apparently I’m a typical conservative filled with schadenfreude and […]

I’m used to media bias but this report by Brendan Conway is one of the dumbest and most blatant hatchet jobs I have ever seen. The report is about the Walker for Governor campaign using an Ohio company to build their campaign website, a story first reported by Michael Horne who goes uncredited in the […]

State Representative Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha) asks in his latest Capitol Correspondence what happened to the Governor Doyle we knew in 2003? Where’s the Governor Jim Doyle from 2003? In 2003, Governor Jim Doyle had just started his first term as Governor and had delivered his first State of the State speech. In 2009, he has […]

The following is from the Wisconsin Club For Growth newsletter. I thought it timely as another reminder how the governor’s actions do not live up to his words. Tax the Sick – Feed the State On April 15th, hundreds of thousands of taxpayers turned out at Tea Party rallies across the country to protest higher […]

It’s a small item. But then, so many items are. Then we wonder where did all that money go? The town of Wrightstown is getting $46,000 in brand new recycling bins. The only explanation anyone has for this budget item involves elves and reindeer. From a press release from state representatives Rich Zipperer and Leah […]

If they didn’t have a golf tournament to attend tomorrow with their campaign donors (ht: Charlie Sykes), the Democrats probably would have waited until tomorrow afternoon before letting loose with this budget bomb. As it is, they’re probably hoping that the 65 page single budget motion will keep us all too busy to figure out […]