Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Consumer Reports did a taste test on mass-produced coffee to see which one is best: Starbucks, McDonalds or Dunkin’ Donuts? They fail to mention the most important comparison. Which coffee is the best taste for the cost? Is it actually worth it to spend more for better coffee, or is the difference in taste not […]

Editorial cartoonist Phil Hands took a crack at State Rep Jeff Wood’s recent arrest for OWI.  The concept was a little different than what he had planned.  Ironically he voted with the rest of the Assembly to toughen the state’s drunken driving laws, making the the fourth OWI conviction a felony. It’s currently a misdemeanor. […]

The Waukesha Freeman reports this morning that State Representative Scott Newcomer (R-Delafield) will seek re-election.  His personal life has been a trainwreck that has managed to get public notice. He has been named in lawsuits related to his business, and the ex-husband of a business partner has repeatedly made threats against Newcomer’s life. Newcomer and […]

William Safire, Nixon speechwriter and New York Times columnist, passed away Sunday. He was 79. Safire had a wonderful way of turning a phrase, aided by his incredible vocabulary and his sense of humor. It was Safire who created the phrase for Vice President Spiro Agnew, “nattering nabobs of negativism.” Clinton fans probably never forgave […]

I’m very happy for the Detroit Lions.  They snapped their 19-game losing streak by beating the evil Washington Redskins.  It brought a little tear to my eye.  I have so few pleasures in my life but knowing that somewhere, likely in the owner’s box, Dan Snyder probably popped a blood vessel.  Redskins fans everywhere are not […]

Wausau Daily Herald calls for State Rep Jeff Wood’s resignation. # rt @seanhackbarth Senate Leader Reid Becomes GOP Target in Nevada – | Reid to get Daschled #tcot # rt @deaninwaukesha RT @rascaltweets: Why didn’t Noah swat those two mosquitoes? # And my wife thinks stadium scoreboard proposals are tacky and stupid: […]

The Wausau Herald calls for State Representative Jeff Wood’s resignation following Wood’s fourth arrest for OWI.  From the editorial:  We understand that public officials are human beings who make human mistakes. But Wood’s case is complicated by prior arrests and convictions, as well as by a recent vote he cast in the Legislature.  Wood has […]

Owen Robinson is complaining that a kid or some kids played “Ding Dong Ditch” at his house.  The thing that amazes me is the physics of the matter… our front door is on the second story and there is an arduous staircase to get to it.  It took a kid with some abnormally large walnuts […]

Former Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Darryl Enriquez confirmed that he has been talking to people about running for Waukesha mayor.  Enriquez said Friday night that he has been approached by different groups about running for mayor and that he is speaking to different parts of the community to determine what support there would be and […]

State Representative Steve Nass called for the resignation of State Representative Jeff Wood following Wood’s fourth arrest for driving under the influence. If Wood does not resign, Nass will pursue Wood’s expulsion from the Assembly. Dear Representative Wood: The Wisconsin Constitution and the people of this great state place a tremendous level of power in […]