Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Received the following note from Asher Heimermann on Facebook: Subject:; For Sale Dear Supporters – I am writing to you to give you an update as to where Wisconsin for Tom Barrett stands. In August, I started the Wisconsin for Tom Barrett group to organize support for Mayor Tom Barrett to run for Governor. In November, […]

just found out Keith Richards quit drinking. The collapse of civilization cannot be far behind. # rt @Poynter Senator goes off on MSNBC hosts questioning their “integrity” as journalists, calling them “irresponsible" # Pinewood derby this weekend. Wife is getting ready for the cake auction. I'm mentally preparing myself for battle. The scout is […]

Zach Wisniewski passes along that front-runner for the Democratic nomination for governor Jared Christiansen* will be on Huckabee tonight on Fox News Channel. …Jared Christiansen, the 18 year old Democratic gubernatorial candidate running to succeed Gov. Jim Doyle, will be getting a little national exposure, as he’s set to appear on The Huckabee Show on […]

Pinewood Derby day and cake auction for the Wigderson family.  As usual, we’re just hoping the car makes it down the track.  I understand next year the track will have a jump through a ring of fire. Something new this year.  My bookie Jimmy Irish has graciously offered to teach the Girl Scouts running the […]

Waukesha Freeman columnist Pete Kennedy today asks “Kennedy consulting” about the recent stimulus spending by Waukesha’s bus system: Client: Did Waukesha Metro Transit buy anything else with the funds? KC: Yes, a staff vehicle was purchased at a cost of $32,000. Client: I suppose they had no choice. What alternative would there be to the […]

I have not had a chance to comment on the incident involving James O’Keefe and his attempt to try to embarrass Senator Mary Landrieu over her office’s claims that their phone lines are jammed.  It was not one of O’Keefe’s brighter moments, and I suspect that there may be some jail time involved.  But I […]

And they know just the place. Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Mel Flanagan issued a Continued Temporary Restraining Order late today, Thursday, January 28th, 2010, ordering the City of Milwaukee to treat the Ladybug Club as if it were a licensed Class “B” Alcohol Beverage retailer. The move came after the City informed the Ladybug Club’s wholesalers […]

The Crazy Shepherd’s Boris and Doris are reporting they spotted Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson at a reception in honor of Julia Taylor of the Greater Milwaukee Committee for her support of the arts. Also in attendance were Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton. While I’m not posting a reward for a picture […]

How many authors have a lifetime MLB batting average of .200? Print this entry

The Milwaukee Drum, an African American-oriented news site, reports Senator Russ Feingold lost it on the air today while being interviewed by Sheriff David Clarke and Earl Ingram. The Senator ended the interview suddenly after co-host Sheriff David Clarke asked a two-part question. Clarke’s question dealt with Congress adding ‘earmarks’ to the Iraqi War Funding […]