Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

The Finance Committee of the Waukesha Common Council approved the memo of understanding for the proposed new TIF. The MOU states that the TIF would require a minimum of 100 new jobs added and a project value of $42 million in exchange for $9,000,000 in TIF financing. A developer agreement will be required for TIF […]

Waukesha mayoral candidate Jeff Scrima was on Midday With Charlie Sykes in the 10:00 hour yesterday on 620 WTMJ-AM. He was originally supposed to be on during the 9:00 hour (yes, I speak radio talk) but, not too surprisingly, Sykes decided to devote that hour to the Zoo Interchange disaster area. You can listen to […]

I am not going to pick on Waukesha Mayoral candidate Jeff Scrima for living at home with his parents. If he does live with his parents, yet unproven, then perhaps its because of the wonderful pizza recipe that belongs in his family. I’m told it was the best on the campaign trail. So he might […]

Be on the alert for a stolen Mark Gundrum yard sign, the first reported yard sign theft of the Spring in Waukesha. It’s white and blue, and says, “Gundrum.” As the sign’s metal frame is kinda pointy, the thief should be considered armed and dangerous. A poke from the sign without a tetanus shot can […]

Or at least one. Waukesha mayoral candidate Jeff Scrima is scheduled to be on Midday with Charlie Sykes on WTMJ-AM in the 9:00 hour of the program. Print this entry

Me: The shark? That's Jabberjaw. My son: You've seen it before? # I would like to thank Governor Jim Doyle and Mayor Tom Barrett for making my commute home impossible. # Life in Oceania, day 5. NPR advances Newspeak. I love Big Brother. # Anyone know where I can rent a spotlight for an hour […]

I’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback off-line on this column in the Waukesha Freeman and on this blog post.  Thanks.  I really appreciate it. I don’t want you to miss this comment from Alderman Randy Radish, who wrote in part, You are correct about the tunnel comment. The same is true for the […]

If I can give one piece of advice to anyone thinking of starting a blog: call first. It takes just a few minutes to check something. Even if they refuse comment, you can always say they refused comment. Because you will look really stupid if you don’t ask. Prolific liberal blogger, union representative, and Milwaukee […]

The other night when Waukesha Mayor Nelson said negotiations were almost complete on a proposal that would add 100 jobs to the local economy, some Jeff Scrima supporters muttered, “red herring.” Today we learned 100 jobs may come from a new development by Waukesha Electric.  The timing and manner of Nelson’s announcement may have been […]

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