Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

I have some new commenters here. That’s always good, but I’m asking everyone to please obey the rules. A couple of highlights for the new people: Comments are not only allowed, they are encouraged. I allow the maximum freedom possible but, quoting National Review’s classified advertising policy, one man’s freedom is another man’s straightjacket. I […]

Beau Friedlander has somewhat apologized at the Huffington Post for his Larry Flynt-like offer. However, the former Air America editor’s offer is still up at Twitter should anyone be in a position to take advantage. I’m just warning my readers now that the Left is going to get completely unhinged before this election season is […]

Some of you may have noticed this morning that my site was offline for a few hours after my domain registration expired. Oops. Since it was good enough for Moses and David Letterman, let me offer you the ten reasons why my site was down: 10) I was not master of my domain. 9) It […]

President Barack Obama is coming back to Wisconsin for Labor Day. I notice that he’s not going to Green Bay, where Congressman Steve Kagen is in trouble. He’s not going up north, where State Sen. Julie Lassa is in real danger of losing Congressman Obey’s seat to Sean Duffy. He’s coming to the Summerfest grounds […]

Those 66,500 extra voters? They’re residents of Wisconsin’s eleventh congressional district – the ones who benefited from the stimulus. Print this entry

Those 66,500 extra people on the voter rolls? They’re the fake people that will be appearing in Russ Feingold’s ads. Print this entry

Typical liberal response to speech they don’t like – do anything they can to shut it down. Really, how low and disgusting will the Left go? Print this entry

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue issued their quarterly economic forecast the other week, and they announced the economy is in recovery with manufacturing leading the way. Then in the fine print they mention there will still be less manufacturing jobs than last year and government is now the second largest employer in the Wisconsin economy. […]

I had to laugh at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane the other day when he announced, “Ron Paul, my new hero.” Did you hear how Republican congressman Ron Paul smacked down all those folks who are fear-mongering against the so-called Ground Zero mosque? Frankly, he’s my new hero. Given Ron Paul’s history when it […]

Since Laurel Walker’s article appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a number of Mayor Scrima supporters (or one under different names) has taken to denying that the mayor could have possibly suggested painting over a the wall sculpture at city hall. I had an e-mail conversation with the mayor the other day about that very […]