Monday, October 24th, 2016

Jack Craver, writing in The Isthmus, takes a moment to caution his fellow liberals about the polls.  Turns out they might be correct.  Ben Masel, marijuana’s answer to Robert Lorge, says that the polls must be wrong because the youth vote will turn out for the legalize medical pot referendum.  I’m not sure how many […]

Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Sep 30, 2010; Section:Opinion; Page Number:10A Obama concert tour can’t rescue November President preaching to the faithful I’m sure if I had made the trip to Madison on Tuesday afternoon, I would have enjoyed the Ben Harper concert. Unfortunately, Harper was only the opening act for the President Barack Obama “Rescue November” […]

I’ve joked about it a lot, but I am seriously looking into buying an electric Smart for my next vehicle. For my needs, it just makes sense. I won’t be ready for a new car for a couple of years, so I’m hoping that any bugs will be worked out by then. I fully expected […]

Run for your lives! The bicycles are invading! The response was so much fun from the first ride through Milwaukee’s bicycle path plan, I had to revisit the issue this week for the MacIver Institute. I wrote that the Milwaukee By Bike plan was a needless expense, it created unrealistic expectations of increased bicycle usage, and […]

The leader of the Waukesha Democratic Party, Jeff Christensen, and the Democratic candidate for the 97th Assembly District Dawn “Crazy Nurse” Caruss issued a press release this week criticizing State Representative Bill Kramer for not having his name on a single bill that has passed the legislature during his time in office. Despite the Republicans […]

Headline: Pickets’ depiction of Obama as Hitler decried Suggested subheadline: “Bushitler signs still popular with political left” Print this entry

This came across Twitter from the Feingold folks: STAFF Not green screened Okey dokey, but here’s the picture. I don’t know. Is that supposed to be President Obama? Or a lobbyist? Or a lobbyist pretending to be an actor? Or a lobbyist pretending to be an actor pretending to be the president? By the […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting Senator Russ Feingold will appear with President Barack Obama in Madison. Why not? Ex-senators don’t get the chance very often to be seen with the president. One more photo for the scrapbook. I am sure the RPW, Ron Johnson’s campaign, and the RNSC will have plenty of extra 8x10s […]

…Goes to Alderman Roger Patton who wants to reduce the speed limit on East Avenue to 20 MPH because Carroll University kids never learned how to cross the street. While the idea is a little better than digging a tunnel the street, it isn’t much better than closing the street entirely. I don’t know if […]

“U.S. Sen. Feingold: Endorsed by International Brotherhood of Boilermakers” That’s the nicest thing anyone ever said about Russell. Never thought of him as a shot-and-a-beer man. Always pictured him as white zinfadel kinda guy, or maybe a fuzzy navel. Print this entry