Thursday, October 27th, 2016

I can’t wait. A new tribute album to Buddy Holly is being put together by Peter Asher, and it includes a cover of “Words of Love” by Jeff Lynne. THR: And you’re producing every track? Asher: So far, the only one I didn’t do is Jeff Lynne because he does all his stuff in his […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is doing anything it can to keep the Milwaukee to Madison somewhat high-speed train alive. Today they even ran their train propaganda through their Politifact machine and declared that the rumors of the train’s demise are greatly exaggerated. Of course, that’s the same Politifact that is ready to pounce on any […]

Okay, I’ve read this article three times and I still don’t understand it. Under the BCS rules, do the Wisconsin Badgers have a chance of playing for a national championship or not? Wisconsin (11-1) moved up to No. 5 and remained one spot ahead of Ohio State (11-1) and is four spots ahead of Michigan […]

According to the status update on her Facebook page, today was Millard’s last day at the Waukesha Freeman. She’s leaving to work for Mark Maley over at Good luck in your new adventure, Sarah! Print this entry

I realize that I have a (somewhat undeserved) reputation for drinking, but even in my heaviest drinking days I like to think I would have drawn the line at this Thanksgiving meal: For the past three days, chefs have been infusing a turkey with five different flavors of vodka and preparing a gravy that contains […]

The family and I had a late Thanksgiving breakfast at La Estacion. We arrived just as they opened and had the place to ourselves. The food (as always) was fantastic and it was nice to be able to gather the Wigderson tribe without much of the holiday hassle. And when you figure out the cost […]

Unfortunately, for those of you who were looking for a unique dining-out experience on Thanksgiving, the Gobbler restaurant has been closed for many years. However, Jim Lileks can still take you on an online tour of the once-famous motel and restaurant. Imagine the pitch to the investors: “It’s going to be a futuristic, state-of-the-art motel […]

“As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.” Print this entry

David Limbaugh at reports a new Zogby poll suggests a large segment of the public will protest the new airport screenings and probings with their checkbooks. A new Zogby poll reveals that 61% oppose full body scans and TSA pat downs. But get this:48% will seek alternatives to flying. Among frequent fliers, 59% oppose the […]

Over at the MacIver Institute, Brian Fraley offers up two related suggestions to jump start the economy and tackle Wisconsin’s budget problems: Two simple but fundamental steps to kick start the Wisconsin economy would be to repeal the collective bargaining for public employees and to make Wisconsin a right to work state, giving private sector […]