Friday, October 21st, 2016

What were the events that shaped Waukesha and Wisconsin in 2010?  This is my list of the top ten events that occurred in 2010 in Waukesha and in Wisconsin.  Ten each.  A-dime a-piece. Feel free to add your own in the comments. Waukesha: The approval of Waukesha’s water application by the Waukesha Common Council The election of […]

Yep. It’s all our fault. If we didn’t drink so much, economic recovery in Wisconsin would be just around the corner. “Be Bold” as the route to Wisconsin’s recovery? How about, “Be Sober?” – Jim Rowen Tonight is New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow is the Rose Bowl, and Sunday is the Drinking Right Christmas Party. It’s […]

Every year I make a list of predictions for the coming year. The idea is to create a list of things that have a reasonable probability of occurring to provoke discussion on things that interest me, only to watch my predictions fall apart by the end of the year. Time once again to look at […]

The Daily Beast is calling out Milwaukee as the drunkest city in the country. Does this mean we can expect a visit from Megan McCain soon? In the immortal words of Norm Peterson, “I already have a mother, lush face.” By the way, does that even look like a real Milwaukee bar in the picture? […]

Educated at St. Anthonys, you would think she would know better. Instead Democratic State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa is against lifting the enrollment caps for the school choice program. The first Latina Legislator in Wisconsin, JoCasta Zamarripa, made news this week by reaffirming her opposition to the School Choice program – a program that provides parents […]

Wisconsin’s absurd standard for residency when it comes to running for office needs to be fixed. The whole point of any residency requirement is that someone representing a district in the legislature should actually be of that district. I know, what a concept. Instead, we have a ridiculous rule that allows someone to move into […]

I’ve made a few jokes about President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, but I don’t think this is going to help Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie wants to find a way to release more information about President Barack Obama’s Hawaii birth and dispel conspiracy theories that he was born elsewhere. Abercrombie was a friend of Obama’s parents […]

Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima will face largely the same Common Council next year that he faced this year. Only two aldermen have announced their intention not to run for re-election, Paul Furrer and Rick Tortomasi, and it is only those races that have drawn any new candidates for office so far. Absent any dramatic change […]

OnMilwaukee.Com posted a list of favorite Chinese restaurants in time for Christmas Day in case hungry dogs attacked your turkey. I understand it’s a Milwaukee list and that’s why Golden Gate was ignored. (Actually, I don’t understand it but I’m playing along as best as I can.) But will someone please tell me why Long […]

We’ll be discussing the legacy of Governor Jim Doyle and contrasting him with his successor for much of the next year, but we can’t let the end of his reign pass without describing at length his inability to live up to his word. It may be congenital, as William Safire might have said, or it […]