Monday, October 24th, 2016

Unfortunately old Rudyard had more access to Cuban cigars than me. But the company was good, as was the snack food, as we motored around the lake on a hot Sunday afternoon. The Betrothed by Rudyard Kipling Open the old cigar-box, get me a Cuba stout, For things are running crossways, and Maggie and I […]

We added another resident to Casa Wigderson today. Meet Nelson: We adopted Nelson from a Siberian Husky rescue organization. Nelson was named by the rescue after a type of butterfly, but he is definitely not delicate. He is more like Admiral Horatio Nelson, and like his namesake, Nelson has an injury to he right paw […]

New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-24: New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-17: New … # New blog post: Shakespeare through many voices: Jim Meskimen takes Clarence’s monologue into Hollywood and beyon… # Charter school, MPS in dispute over enrollment – JSOnline # New blog post: Amy Winehouse, RIP: […]

To stop protestors from damaging the Capitol by releasing balloons into the dome, our wonderful Department of Administration has decided to install a net. The net was installed just above the fourth floor railing before the Capitol opened Friday. It comes after police arrested a state worker for allegedly popping a protester’s balloon Monday. The […]

Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Jul 28, 2011; Section:Opinion; Page Number:8A Lake Michigan remains best water source Nothing else as safe, reliable and cost-effective JAMES WIGDERSON Recently, the Lovely Doreen from Waukesha and I purchased a rain barrel for a corner of our house. I won’t lie to you and say I did it out of any […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported this afternoon that 52.4% of Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association members would rather see Milwaukee Public Schools lay off 198 of their colleagues than re-open negotiations over their benefits. Normally the J/S Online comments aren’t worth reading, but the first comment raises a great point, “I’d love to see a break […]

Raising the debt ceiling is kind of like increasing blood alcohol levels to solve drunk driving. – Brian Fojtik, Brownstone Communications Print this entry

An attempted toilet papering incident was reported at 7:47 p.m. Saturday in the 1100 block of Anoka Avenue. – Waukesha Patch, Police Report: Attempted Toilet Papering; Throwing a Beer Can, 7/25/11 And, of course: Wigderson’s house targeted for TP-ing WAUKESHA – Freeman columnist James Wigderson almost found himself the victim of a toilet papering on […]

Both business and labor support the city of Waukesha’s application for Great Lakes water, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The City of Waukesha’s request to buy Lake Michigan water in the future – and build one pipeline to carry the water west to Waukesha and a second pipeline to return treated wastewater to the […]

Owen Robinson made a recent trip to Minnesota right in the middle of the “Dry Season” and made an important discovery: Perhaps the most curious lesson I took away from many of my Minnesotan friends was that the government shutdown was, for the most part, no big deal. This runs counter to the hysterical news […]