Friday, October 21st, 2016

The Wigderson family would like to offer our sincere condolences to the Sykes family on the loss of their companion, Reggie. Print this entry

This appeared in yesterday’s Sound Off in the Waukesha Freeman: Wigderson column I think the last line(s) of Wigderson’s article (Thursday, Feb. 23) should read: “We can be a better city, one that deserves the honor of the GuitarTown designation if only the citizens and Freeman writers would work toward a positive, supportive attitude of […]

There was a small protest outside the MacIver Institute today. Obviously she should spend more time reading the MacIver Institute website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed. You should, too. If you’re interested in helping the MacIver Institute, now is a good time. Thanks. Print this entry

It must be the radium in the water that makes us all crazy. In addition to Waukesha District Attorney Brad Schimel looking into the matter of city of Waukesha Alderman Roger Patton deleting his emails, city of Waukesha Attorney Curt Meitz told me on Tuesday that he planned to speak to Patton. I believe Meitz’s […]

I sent an open records request to Waukesha Alderman Roger Patton on February 16th for any email regarding the GuitarTown project. After not hearing from him right away, I called him on Wednesday, February 22nd, to ask the status of my request. He told me that he doesn’t have any of the records I requested […]

Steve Schultze wrote a blog post about Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele mentioning Patrick Farley in his speech. In a passage on his efforts to draft top talent to the county, Abele said: “Pat, I especially appreciate your fearlessness in ensuring the integrity of the county government.” The line got a smattering of applause from […]

Tonight was the reception at Key Westconsin to announce the artists for the GuitarTown Project. About 55 total showed up, including media, guests, steering committee and artists. Unfortunately they did not have the artists’ conceptions for the guitar art on display, but Susan Schoultz of Clear Verve Marketing said they are working on a website […]

The agenda is out for the first downtown task force meeting and, as we discussed previously, one of the items is directly targeted to a resident of downtown. Setting a terrible precedent, this item appears to be nothing more than a rotten attempt at some score-settling by Mayor Jeff Scrima. It also exceeds the scope […]

Earlier this month the Waukesha Common Council made the mistake of approving the mayor’s task force to address several issues of concern downtown. the committee is off to a terrible start already with the first meeting’s agenda. The task force was formed to address issues concerning “downtown events such as the consumption of alcohol in […]

Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Feb 23, 2012; Section:Opinion; Page Number:8A Keep the guitar project transparent Mayor obstructing legitimate questions about GuitarTown Since the announcement earlier this year of the GuitarTown project, the community has largely been supportive of the idea of putting up 10-foot-tall guitars in downtown. Talking to the different stakeholders downtown, I have yet […]