Thursday, October 27th, 2016

The MacIver Institute is out with a study showing that the supposed economic benefits of a mega-million streetcar system in downtown Milwaukee are just there to be found. “Downtown landowners and developers will benefit only if the city decides to throw hundreds of millions of dollars of additional subsidies to development along the line,” according […]

Joshua Spivak in the Politico writes about how the recall effort may have been a big mistake for Democrats: But, with the possibility of losing the governor’s mansion, the Republicans are now unquestionably motivated. We saw their strong support come out on the primary day. Walker was facing only token opposition, yet he received 626,000 […]

Every campaign is an island, I like to say, and the gubernatorial recall campaign of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is learning it the hard way this week. The Obama team is working hard to make sure no stink from Barrett’s campaign rubs off on them. First the chairman of the Democratic National Committee Debbie Wasserman Schulz said […]

“Two Democratic sources tell me Bill Clinton will campaign for Tom Barrett in Wisconsin before June 5 recall.” – Chris Cillizza, The Fix, on Twitter. By the way, here is what the former president and saxophone-playing hearthrob once said about recalls: Former President Bill Clinton campaigned for California Gov. Gray Davis at a Los Angeles […]

Governor Scott Walker and the state of Wisconsin received more positive economic news today. First, the federal governor confirmed the jobs numbers put out by the Department of Workforce Development that showed over 23,000 jobs were created in 2011, not a loss of 33,900 as previously thought. However, according to Walker’s administration, the final figures […]

I was on At Issue with Ben Merens on Wisconsin Public Radio Wednesday afternoon. If you did not get a chance to listen, the podcast is now online at the WPR website. Or just follow the link. I don’t think it went too badly but I’m not a good judge of these things. I had […]

Today’s Marquette University Law School Poll had plenty of bad news for Democrats. It shows Governor Scott Walker ahead of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett 50% to 44% among registered voters, 52% to 45% among likely voters. Walker’s approval rating is 51% to 45%. Barrett’s favorable/unfavorable rating is upside-down at 41% to 46%. Public Policy Polling […]

Jud Lounsbury, former flak for former Senator Russ Feingold, claims Governor Scott Walker must be lying about not remembering if he signed the recall petitions to recall Senator Herb Kohl and Feingold over partial birth abortion in 1997. Of course, Lounsbury is having a hard time remembering 1997, too. And, because Walker was at these […]

Kevin Binversie recasts the recall effort. It’s not a Civil War, it’s a coup d’état. Coups are defined as sudden and decisive actions in politics resulting in a change of government illegally or by force through a small group. When labor-backed demonstrators occupied the state Capitol in February 2011, Madison certainly looked like any big city in […]

From the MacIver Institute: The Mobilization Matrix tracks the grassroots activities of more than fifty state, national and liberal organizations who are active in Wisconsin in the days leading up to the June 5th election. From phone banking, to get out the vote canvassing, from rallies to radio ads, MacIver’s Liberal Mobilization Matrix includes educational […]