Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

The Sullivan report on Wisconsin’s workforce development was released last week to general praise. However, the report suggests a shift in in Wisconsin’s tax structure away from property and income taxes to the sales tax. Even if the idea was politically feasible, such a tax shift proposal ignores Wisconsin’s sales tax history, as I explain […]

Capable men are often simply capable speakers because the option of blurring ineptitude with rhetorical flourish never enters their mind. — Dennis Miller Show (@DennisDMZ) August 31, 2012 Print this entry

When one of my friends comes up with a bad idea, I usually ask two questions. “Oh sure, what could possibly go wrong?” And, “what good could possibly come of this?” Then we usually do the stupid idea anyway. I have an upcoming road trip to Florida that got it’s start that way. Perhaps somebody […]

Before I continue to forget to mention this, but the Americans for Prosperity bus tour is making a stop tomorrow in Sheboygan: Saturday, September 1st – 10:30 am Sheboygan County Tea Party Restoring Liberty 2012 Rally at Fountain Park in Sheboygan with special guests Senator Ron Johnson, Vicki McKenna and Tony Katz – Click here […]

Jim Treacher of The Daily Caller catches the Obama Administration making Neil Armstrong’s death all about The One. Sure, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. But only to tidy it up, so that one day it would be a suitable resting place for Obama’s kingly gaze. Print this entry

Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Aug 30, 2012; Section:Opinion; Page Number:8A     Cheeseheads rule Badger State dominates GOP convention      At the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker received a roar of applause when he cast Wisconsin Republican delegates’ votes for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. It was another reminder that when the protesters […]

Isn’t there spmething a bit…off.. about an anchor making $10 million a year asking if Mitt can relate to average people? — Jeff Greenfield (@greenfield64) August 29, 2012 Print this entry

National Review Online columnist Jim Geraghty describes the scene outside the Republican National Convention in his “Morning Jolt” email: Security: It is a depressing statement on our age how the perimeter of a national convention site has to look like a war zone: chain-link fence after chain-link fence, concrete barrier after concrete barrier, armed guard […]

As any good Wisconsinite with a Scandinavian heritage knows, Leif Ericson landed in the New World long before Christopher Columbus. We now know that the Vikings had settlements in present-day Greenland and Newfoundland. However, the settlements did not last, and the discovery of new lands passed into legend. Ericson died 500 years before Christopher Columbus […]

“I have witnessed bullying” is a common refrain that I see and hear from downtown frequently. However, nobody ever names a specific date and time and the specific people involved. It makes it impossible for someone like me to write about the situation without concrete examples at the time they occur because I cannot follow […]