Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Fewer crackpots, please  Right needs converts, not conspiracy theories Waukesha Freeman 11/29/12 Page A8 I am the skeptic in my family, and it serves me pretty well. While my family gathers around the television on Sunday nights to watch “Finding Bigfoot,” I’m usually asking the tough questions. “Why aren’t there Bigfoot skeletons? Or even a […]

From today’s Sound Off in the Waukesha Freeman, Scrima comments Ah, yes, here we go again. There’s a large headline belittling Mayor Jeff Scrima for his absence at the Christmas Parade (Thursday, Nov. 15, by Sarah Pryor). It has been clear for the last three years that is a well-deserved break for him that he […]

The UWM Post, alternatively known as the UWM Pest or the Junior Crazy Shepherd in my misspent youth at UW-Milwaukee, is now without the ink and paper. The UWM Post, which has existed in print for 56 years, put out its final paper edition this week. Starting next semester, the Post will be exclusively online at […]

Caffeinated Politics has an interesting personal remembrance of former State Representative Lary Swoboda (D) who passed away at 73. We should all be remembered so fondly. Print this entry

The only thing we’re certainly not prepared to do is give in.  We’re not violating our consciences.  I would say no door is closed except for the door to capitulation. – Cardinal Timothy Dolan Print this entry

If this idea works there, I might try it here. A commenter named Jeff Jordan at the Urban Milwaukee website actually has a worthwhile idea that could clean up the raw sewage in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s comments and raise revenue for the newspaper. If MJS wanted to increase revenue they should charge people who […]

Kevin Binversie brings us the news that Intrade will be shutting down their American accounts. The decision came after a lawsuit by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission. Intrade, which is operated by the Irish firm Trade Exchange Network Ltd. was a favorite reference point for political prognosticators, who pointed to futures being traded on the […]

Despite the depressing election results – or perhaps, because of them – incoming website traffic from the new emails to subscribers shows me that the buzz  is real.  When links to my site, the site traffic spikes, and the spikes are getting bigger each time. That’s just from their  daily email newsletter. Should […]

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal’s Paul Gigot on Fox News on Sunday. In the interview, Walker explained his decision not to set up a health care exchange for Wisconsin, leaving it to the federal government. Walker said the end result would be the same, an exchange run by the […]

Some people are upset that a hunter decided to take out a nearly all-white deer. Unless there is some specific safety reason for not pulling the trigger, there is no logical reason why someone should not shoot a white deer. Here’s a question for non-hunters. Do you really want an all-white deer blending in with […]