Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

Alderman Roger Patton wrote a letter to the editor that appeared Saturday in the Waukesha Freeman that complained about my column that appeared Thursday. Wigderson column wrong about aldermanic race To the editor: Mr. Wigderson, in Thursday’s column, you had so much wrong about the 11th District aldermanic race that it reflects negatively not only […]

It’s one of my favorite television shows. Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars was interviewed by Mark Levin, and he explained to Levin the difficulties he’s having trying to get a permit to film on federal land out west. Definitely worth listening to. Print this entry

John Marek announced on his website that there will be a debate for the Town Board Chairman election: When:    Monday, April 1st, 2013 Where:  Waukesha Town Hall  When:   6:30-8:00 pm Current Town Board Chairman Angie Van Scyoc has apparently agreed to Marek’s demand for a debate moderator, however nothing has appeared on her website. By […]

Which candidates will Easter Bunny reward? Waukesha Freeman March 28, 2013 Page A8 Opinion  Don’t tell me you don’t believe in the Easter Bunny. After what I’ve seen for local politicians, I’m ready to believe almost anything. Locally our attention is drawn to the New Berlin race for mayor. New Berlin is the gold standard […]

With everyone’s attention on the US Supreme Court and oral arguments debating legalizing gay marriage, I thought it was worth some time to look back to 2006 when Wisconsin was debating an amendment to the state constitution to ban gay marriage. This is my Waukesha Freeman column from October 5, 2006, about a month before […]

The MacIver News Service reported yesterday on an increase in the jobs numbers for Wisconsin after the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) finally adjusted their benchmark process. The Senate Committee on Economic Development and Local Government held a joint hearing with the Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economy and Mining on Tuesday to discuss economic indicators […]

Well, this is new. Town of Waukesha Chairman Angie Van Scyoc wants to debate her general election opponent John Marek tomorrow afternoon. She picked the time. She picked the place. She sent out the invitations. And then she forgot most debates need a moderator. John Marek offered to help find one, and two qualified individuals […]

Well, now we know what Ayn Rand thought of C.S. Lewis. In her marginal notes on a copy of Lewis’ Abolition of Man, Ayn Rand lets her hysterical atheism loose. It is unbelievable, but this monster literally thinks that to give men new knowledge is to gain power(!) over them. The cheap, awful, miserable, touchy, […]

Kevin Fischer says this might just be the most popular bill in the history of the legislature. State Rep. André Jacque (R-De Pere) announced today the re-introduction of legislation that will eliminate political robocalls and make Wisconsin’s Do Not Call List permanent. The current bills have garnered the greatest legislative support of any such effort […]

Johnathan Krause is watching the watch tower at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh and noticing that the sequester cuts do not seem to be having a calamitous effect. This Two Cents would be completely different in tone if not for the reaction of the pilots who use Wittman Field. So far, they have told us […]