Friday, October 28th, 2016

At the RightWisconsin site (subscription required) this week, I explain my opposition to making English Wisconsin’s official language. Here’s an excerpt: What does Jacque hope to accomplish with this bill other than annoying minorities? The bill will not affect the lives of anyone who does speak English. If the bill passes both legislative chambers and […]

Saving Waukesha’s history Scrima wrong about county museum Waukesha Freeman August 26, 2013 Page A6 Opinion Shortly before the beginning of summer my wife, the lovely Doreen from Waukesha, and I attended a picnic at Bethesda Park. Correction, it is Bethesda Spring Park, although you would never know it looking at the park. My wife […]

In the Washington Post today, Josh Schiller explains why it might have been harder than you think to read a transcript or hear a recording of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech: A few months after King delivered the speech, he sent a copy of the address to the U.S. Copyright office […]

John Nichols of The Nation and The Capital Times showed he’s lost all sense of proportion with this ridiculous tweet today: AFSCME leader Marty Beil was arrested at WI Capitol on 50th anniversary of March on Washington. @thenation — John Nichols (@NicholsUprising) August 28, 2013   Um, John, you might want to check this […]

“Now look, I once stood exposed to the Dragon’s Breath so that a man could lie one night with a woman. It took me nine moons to recover.” – Merlin, Excalibur Not quite that bad, but three columns in 24 hours wiped me out. Print this entry

As released by the White House: Lincoln Memorial 3:07 P.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT:  To the King family, who have sacrificed and inspired so much; to President Clinton; President Carter; Vice President Biden and Jill; fellow Americans. Five decades ago today, Americans came to this honored place to lay claim to a promise made at our […]

Public Service Commission Right to End Solar & Wind Energy Subsidies by James Wigderson Special Guest Perspective for the MacIver Institute Posted August 22, 2013 at Wisconsin’s Public Service Commission (PSC) decided earlier this month to temporarily stop subsidizing home solar and wind power projects through the Focus on Energy program. The subsidy is discontinued […]

Kramer may be moving up  Waukesha rep would add spine to Republican majority as leader Waukesha Freeman 8/22/13 Opinion Page A6   When the state Assembly reconvenes in September, Republicans may have a new majority leader, one familiar to many Waukesha Freeman readers. State Rep. Bill Kramer will likely win the election when the Republican […]

Bernie Sanders: “In terms of unemployment, low wages & wealth disparity, we’re worse off than we were in 1963.” Link — John Nichols (@NicholsUprising) August 24, 2013   Print this entry

If I can teach you anything at this website, do not attempt to walk away from the Capitol police after they tell you you’re under arrest. It’s called, “resisting arrest.” Yeah, the cops aren’t carrying carryout pizza menus in their back pockets anymore. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that while Christopher J. Terrell was being […]