Saturday, November 25th, 2017

27 for 2007


I make the following predictions in no particular order.

1. Governor Doyle will get one or two Assembly Republicans to join his administration.
2. The QEO will be lifted.
3. Revenue caps on schools and local governments will be loosened, but not eliminated.
4. Shared revenue will be cut further, except for counties.
5. The ethanol mandate will pass.
6. The State Assembly will not pass a conservative budget with tax cuts to challenge the Democrats.
7. Charlie Sykes will make up his mind on the Gay Marriage Ban.
8. Republicans will attempt to feed more misinformation to bloggers and get caught and called on it.
9. I will lose weight.
10. Senator Feingold will support a Bush nominee that will get little support from the rest of the Democrats in the US Senate.
11. Senator Kohl will ask a coherent question at a nomination hearing. He will even read it like he wrote it rather than sound like he’s just reading what a staffer puts in front of him.
12. Milk at Senator Kohl’s milk barn at the state fair will not go up in price.
13. Senator Feingold will call for the President to either be censured or impeached. Nothing will come of it.
14. Congressman Steve Kagen will again say something completely insulting to a minority group; it will be ignored by the media.
15. Taxes will go up.
16. Governor Tommy Thompson will drop out of the race for president.
17. WISN’s Mark Belling will give credit to a blogger by name – once.
18. A serious scandal will involve the Doyle Administration, but no link will be found to Doyle directly.
19. Former Waukesha District Attorney Paul Bucher will appear on at least one local Sunday morning talk show.
20. The Wigderson Library & Pub will serve free drinks one evening for no reason.
21. The New Berlin School Board will remain in the hands of conservatives.
22. County Executive Dan Vrakas will easily win re-election.
23. There will be serious violence at a local festival in the city of Milwaukee.
24. There will be loud demands for Milwaukee Police Chief Nan Haggerty’s resignation.
25. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will set records for fundraising for a mayoral race.
26. Annette Ziegler will win the race for state supreme court.
27. The state legislature will raise the tax on cigarettes with bipartisan support.

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