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A conversation among younger voters about Waukesha’s mayoral election


This was a recent conversation on Facebook regarding Waukesha’s mayoral election among some of the city’s younger voters. The conversation began when one of the participants, Jessica Finman, posted, “Elect Reilly for mayor this April 1st, Waukesha cannot take another 4 years of Scrima.” That prompted a response from Mayor Jeff Scrima’s ardent admirer and supporter young Kelsie Wendelberger. If Scrima is pursuing a youth vote to save him, as it appears he is by an absentee voter effort led by Wendelberger, it’s a tough sale. 

Jessica Finman Elect Reilly for mayor this April 1st, Waukesha cannot take another 4 years of Scrima
Kelsie J. Wendelberger What are Reilly’s plans for the future of Waukesha?
Alexa Wysocki Not screwing it up
Kelsie J. Wendelberger What has Scrima done to screw it up?
Lauren Daley #preach
Kelsie J. Wendelberger Can you guys tell me what Scrima has done wrong, and what Reilly will do for Waukesha? I’m genuinely curious. You should really educate yourselves on facts before making statements.
Jessica Finman I have educated myself so I’d appreciate if you didn’t tell me what I have or haven’t done. I will talk with you tomorrow, I am sleepy.
Kelsie J. Wendelberger Looking forward to the reasoning tomorrow. For now, sleep well
Alexa Wysocki Well maybe for one he should get his illegal signs out of people yards. That sets a real good example “Have a mayor who breaks the law and can’t follow simple rules”. Yeah real good idea, reelect that.
Kelsie J. Wendelberger How about the actual things that affect your life? The signs will be fixed soon, no worries. If you have to resort to non-issues like that to point out why he shouldn’t be mayor, obviously there aren’t any real reasons you can point out. Just being honest.
Alexa Wysocki If he’s so great, then why aren’t any if the council members supporting him? That should raise some questions about how good of a mayor he actually is. And he did absolutely nothing to try and save the BID…
Kelsie J. Wendelberger Alexa, Reilly is the one who circulated the petition to dissolve the BID.
Rande Leigh Hagen Hmm. What about his blatant disrespect for the leader of the country? As the mayor you’re supposed to be an ambassador for the county you represent. And that’s garbage. If he wanted to be non-partisan about something, that was the wrong time.
Jessica Finman Let’s all chill and I’ll share my views after my movie
Kelsie J. Wendelberger In his term, Scrima did not attend any of Walker, Ryan’s, or Obama’s events in an effort to express his stance as an Independent. Calling Obama and Walker “extremists” wasn’t the wisest choice in the world obviously, but in saying that he just meant they are clear political representations of their parties. So he maintained consistency with the last 4 years, that’s all he was doing.

And again I ask, what about what actually affects your every day lives? Yard signs and a visit from Obama do not.

Rande Leigh Hagen Hmm what affects your daily life? You’re here 25% of the year. Some of us have to be here all the time.
Kelsie J. Wendelberger Rande, friend. I live there 50% of the time, because I am currently in college in IL. I go back up frequently, and have lived there for 21 years. My entire family is in Waukesha. I work for the city, and in the private sector, and in NGOs. Taxes have stayed flat for 4 years straight. Over 700 family supporting jobs have been created, many of which loved ones I know work. Investment in road restoration has doubled, and been evenly spread throughout each district. My future family and friends will have a water source that’s reliable without having stipulations (aka Milwaukee wanting to control our transportation, housing, and other services had we gone through them), and you know what? Friday Night Live, the Farmers Market, and Guitartown are so much fun, and I’m extremely proud of being from Waukesha because of those things.

That’s what affects my daily life, and that’s why I want those positive things to continue

Rande Leigh Hagen He’s not friendly and he’s a terrible tipper.
Kelsie J. Wendelberger He is quiet around those who don’t know him, but if you are against him because of a personal qualm, then I’m sorry, but would love to reintroduce you both lol
Rande Leigh Hagen No thanks. I’ve met him at least three times, and even if he’s quiet around people that don’t know him, as a mayor and a decent human being you still need to be respectable.
Kelsie J. Wendelberger He’s an introvert, which as an extrovert (and you are too lol) I sympathize with the initial frustration(;

But Rande, in the end, he has pushed the city through unprecedented success. Why break what is working?

Jessica Finman It’s not working. I will comment later I am just extremely busy today
Alexa Wysocki You’ll see how much better Waukesha is WHEN Reilly wins.
Alexa Wysocki And regarding the BID property owners decided to dissolve the BID, Kelsie. The mayor and his friends that he stacked the BID board were gonna use the tax payers money for what you call “fun events”. So if that’s what you think good and honorable mayor does, then you need to reevaluate your morals, because its not right.
Rande Leigh Hagen Well. Some people have massive social anxiety disorders and still manage to be pleasant and talk to people. And especially as a city official, one should suck it up and be a positive role model and talk to people
Kelsie J. Wendelberger Alexa:

Reilly circulated the petition to destroy and remove the BID (in collaboration with Vicky Hekkers) after Mayor Scrima’s and the Common Council both approved BID board members, which strengthened the BID (Sandy Cianciolo, City Administrator Ed Henschel, Bill Huelsman, Carroll University’s CFO Ron Lostetter, Attorney Nick Martinez, Alderman Vance Skinner, People’s Park owner Jim Taylor, and Wauksha State Bank representative Natalie Walters). Reilly, through these actions, is anti-business. These are the strongest business leaders of the community.

The Business Improvement District has always been funded through tax dollars. Once these leaders were put into place, they wanted to make better use of the tax dollars and privitize the organization. Almost all of the budget was previously being spent on empty office space and staff people. Through privitization, grant money, and streamlining organizations, tax money would be used more efficiently, towards things which actually affect peoples lives, not just on empty buildings.

Because Reilly and Hekkers realized they would no longer have complete control, they emotionally manipulated the BID board, circulated the petition, and dissolved it.

Jessica Finman I have so much to say I’m not sure where to begin.
Jessica Finman This going to be in parts: First I want to talk about Obama, walker etc. Thats fantastic if Scrima was trying to prove a point but that IS NOT his job. Part of his job description is to attend events such as those and represent our city which he did very very poorly with things he has said. From here I can move on to Scrima saying “endorsement don’t matter” That is ridiculous. Saying the people backing you are unimportant is a slander to them. If Scrima had such a great term, the past mayors as well as many many council members would back him, but they are not. They have worked with him and clearly do not want to anymore. Moving on to the beginning of Scrima’s term naming the 15 “Smart people” he was working with. Only 3 of those people are still standing with Scrima, What does that say. (continuing typing on next post because this is super long)
Jessica Finman Scrima got privileges of the mayor taken away from him, I cannot agree that that would happen to a good mayor. We can bring up the harassment issues tied to his first year with Lori. Scrima is very VERY poor at working with people. He does not show up to council meetings and then will veto movements at last minute. If he was there, things could be done faster and more effective. He does not work with people he does not like, unlike Reilly who no matter how opposing their views are, he will talk and work with them. Scrima stacks people onto committee. Talking about the BID you are correct that Reilly did petition to get rid of it BUT Scrima was ruining it with his stacking of people. Tax payers money was only going to what Scrima wanted it to not to whta the BID was made for. Scrima takes credit where credit is not due and points fingers instead of taking complaints. Many times he has avoided meetings with things he does not agree with. Scrima flip flops A LOT. which can be pulled up on many different records. Working with him does not look good because he does not take a stance. (continuing again)
Jessica Finman Scrima’s signs are illegal which is relevant because if he is doing things like that illegal I question what else is happening. He has ran for Mayor before. He clearly knows the rules and DECIDED not to follow them. He has had many campaign issues with how it is run which you know the bulk of so I do not need to type out. You have also been deflecting on all of you respinses. Lastly I think Scrima has completely INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR for a mayor as far as his hidden relationships. His qualities do NOT reflect those of a great mayor. I do not want to see what will happen to Waukesha if he continues this path. Reilly is a fair an ethical candidate and I support him 100%. Sorry it took me so long to get back to everyone.
Alexa Wysocki ^^^That was perfect
Ali Thomas I agree. Scrima seems untrustworthy and unethical. Sometimes it’s not so much what one has done/is planning to do, but HOW one goes about their business. I have often thought politics is based too much on character, but I think it does play an important role because cities/counties/countries/etc. need honest, responsible, and respectful leaders before specific topics come in to play…because it all counts on the follow through and how things play out.
Becca Brandon Jess you just sold me 100% on Reilly!
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