Sunday, January 20th, 2019

A different mayoral endorsement


Barack Obama may have been endorsed by Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson, but that’s nothing compared to being endorsed by former Washington DC mayor Marion Barry. (Ht: Mickey Kaus)

D.C. Council member Marion Barry will endorse Barack Obama for president later this week. The former Washington mayor told me he has selected Obama because “he’s a fresh start, a new direction. I listened to him Sunday morning on C-SPAN and it was like a breath of fresh air.”

Barry, who remains popular in his Southeast Washington ward and in neighborhoods where longtime residents feel as if the city they grew up in is changing without them, said he was an early supporter of Bill Clinton back in 1992 and that he was “close to endorsing Hillary this time.” But as Barry has watched the campaign, he has concluded that Sen. Clinton represents older and less flexible forces in the Democratic party.

Barry’s decision may have been a crack decision, but his support for Obama is as solid as a rock.

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