Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

A good day for a parade


Took the kids downtown Sunday to see Waukesha’s Independence Day parade. Got a great spot. I’d tell you where but I might use it again next year. You’ll just have to guess from the photos.

Mo Lee ready to karate chop annoying politicians

Well, it was a rebellion.

Mayor Jeff Scrima walking Waukesha's Independence Day parade route

Give the mayor credit. That’s a healthy walk, especially when it’s hot out. (Yes, he saw me and came over to shake my hand. This is Waukesha, not New Berlin.)

Local peaceniks. Not sure if they were protesting the rockets' red glare or bombs bursting in air.

This year's 1st Place Float

Apostolic Life Church Float 1st Place

Ben Franklin on a tractor

It's Wisconsin, it's a parade, we've got milk.

After the parade, we went over to Sloppy Joe’s for lunch. They were open special for the parade even though it was Sunday. I had the sloppy dog which I enjoyed. Next time I’ll ask for onions and mustard. The kids had ice cream. Sunday night was spent parked next to Crites Field watching the fireworks. The county was late starting the fireworks despite the threat of rain so the kids got a little wet. But the kids had a great time and my daughter was so happy she just kept saying during the parade, “Happy Birthday America!”

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