Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

A letter from a Kenosha teacher


A teacher in Kenosha wonders who will represent the teachers the district is laying off:

So, who should I be angry with? I know that as a teacher, my union ā€” WEAC ā€” tells me I am supposed to blame Scott Walker, but I feel I must take a closer look at how my district got to this point.

See, my district did not use Act 10 and Gov. Scott Walker’s budget reforms. We are stuck with the union contract until June of 2013 and it would take the Jaws of Life to get us free from it. Although there were numerous meetings between the district and the union, no union concessions were ever made and the district is faced with a $30+ million structural deficit. With no union concessions, layoffs become necessary and students pay the price.

I was never asked if I wanted to make concessions, nor was I ever consulted by my union about Act 10. As always, union leaders made decisions that were best for them and then claimed they were representing the teachers. Make no mistake, though, their decisions are based solely on the desire to maintain forced unionism.

Who is representing the teachers that received layoff notices this morning? Will the union return the dues that were supposed to be used to HELP the teachers? Will the union give a refund of dues to the laid off teachers to help them pay their mortgage, put food on the table, or find a new job? I am guessing the answer is “no.”

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