Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

A little temperance, please


Time to see who’s been chug-a-lugging the ethanol again. We have an updated list to the right, and I’ve included phone numbers and e-mail addresses (Click on the graph for easier reading). If your state senator hasn’t taken the pledge or is in need of intervention, now is the time to contact them.

Let the senators know you are concerned what ethanol will do to the air quality. Let them know you are concerned that ethanol will actually cause an increase in the amount of gasoline consumed due to lower mileage. Let them know you are concerned with the damage ethanol does to engines powering our lawn mowers, snow blowers, snowmobiles, motorcycles and automobiles.

But most importantly, let’s send a message to Madison and let them know we do not want them to put the advantages of a special interest lobby, in this case ethanol, over the interests of the citizens of Wisconsin. Let’s remind them that our voices – and our votes – are more important to them than any campaign contribution check they’ll get.

State Senate Majority Leader Dale Schultz, nominally a Republican but really just a creature of Madison, has declared his intention to use this bill to stick it to talk radio and it’s listeners.

But this coalition in opposition to ethanol is bigger than talk radio. Voices from the political Left and the Right are warning about the dangers, not only of the corruption in Madison, but the corruption of the quality of our air if this ethanol mandate is passed. From Charlie Sykes to the Sierra Club, from John McAdams to Fighting Bob.com, the Right and the Left recognize this issue as one that pits legislators and lobbyists against the good interests of the people.

In addition to contacting your state senator, State Senator Neal Kedzie (R-Elkhorn), an opponent of the ethanol mandate, has a survey up on his website looking for public input. Take a moment and stop by to vote your opposition to the ethanol mandate.

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