Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

A must-read from Tonette Walker


A letter from Tonette Walker regarding embryonic and adult stem cell research:

Dear Friend –

Today I was forwarded this disturbing email from Tom Barrett.

We’ve known Tom a long time, which is why I’m even more disappointed that he continues to lie to you about my husband.

Tom Barrett is using the Jim Doyle playbook and exploiting the plight of those afflicted with diabetes and other diseases in TV ads, falsely telling you that Scott is “against hope” and that he would “ban stem cell research.”

Well, I am also a type 1 diabetic, and I CAN PROMISE YOU, my husband is full of hope! Hope for me, hope for our family, and hope for Wisconsin!

Regardless of what Tom Barrett has said, Scott will NOT ban stem cell research. Scott supports adult stem cell research- research that that science has shown to have the most promise to cure my disease and that does not destroy innocent human life.

As governor, Scott will work to make Wisconsin a national leader in finding cures for diseases that have robbed many of us of the people we love. As science has shown, we can realize the potential of stem cell research without destroying human embryos or resorting to human cloning. We can both protect the earliest stages of life and find cures.

That’s a win-win scenario that we would hope Tom Barrett would embrace.


Tonette Walker

Charlie Sykes says this would be a great ad for Scott Walker. I agree, and think it would be a great ad for the pro-life movement at any time.

I also wonder what Wisconsin’s Catholic bishops have to say about nominally Catholic Tom Barrett’s campaign tactic of not only supporting embryonic stem cell research, but actively using the promotion of embryonic stem cell research to attack his political opponent.

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