Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

A new paradigm for UW shared governance


I think Jon Hayden may be on the right track with a suggestion to eliminate separate student government at the UW system schools and instead concentrate on increasing student participation on university committees. I think he may have proposed a solution to radical for the universities to swallow, but it’s a proposal in the right direction to giving students a real voice in university affairs while eliminating the “pigs in the trough” student governments.

So now I’ve got a student leader thinking about the issue of shared governance and segregated fees. If we could only get someone in the legislature to start thinking about the issue. Let’s see. Who in the legislature has actually thought about the issue of shared governance and segregated fees? Hmmmm…

(I expect an e-mail from Madison any minute now telling me I’m crazy if I think he’ll take on this project.)

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