Monday, May 20th, 2019

A note from a “Gun-totin’ Northwoods Lefty”


Normally I don’t take comments out of context and just re-post them. But this reader took some time with his lengthy comment even if it was posted on a blog post completely irrelevant to the topic of his comment post. So here goes, an unedited comment from a “Gun-totin’ Northwoods Lefty.”
– James Wigderson

Um… Hi there…

I’m a Dirty Lib (a lot of the time) I came here to try to see what was going on re: the Blogging Blue nonsense. I am disgusted at a lot of the attitudes over there and won’t read BB anymore. I find Lisa Mux just absolutely repellant. Like a lot of Leftys and WI bloggers they do a lot of harm to their issues and to the faith of the public in our political processes. The same can be said of the Right.

This brings me to my concern. I do feel the Trayvon Martin case seems to indicate a total lack of police procedure and respect for our justice system. However I am honestly very concerned that in an attempt to keep the troops pumped up here closer to home, that grossly incorrect parallels are being drawn between the Trayvon case and the Bo/Slinger shooting case.

The language used in blogs posts is beyond inflammatory and (as you have allegedly experienced) perhaps libelous and slanderous.

My concern now is for the family of the “shooter”. People are not reading the police report (available in .pdf online) and are making what I consider to be hate remarks that portray the homeowner as racist and gun-happy and as having shot without cause. it portrays the police as incompetent, corrupt, and as having lacked a proper investigation. This also implies conspiracy and collusion with the WI State Crime lab. The police report is very thorough. But no one is reading it. They seem to prefer making up ‘facts” that will suit their talking points and spreading those “facts” as far as possible. I will mention too, that it is important to read the footnotes of the Police report, as critical info is contained there.

This family (with 2 children under the age of 10) is being scapegoated and used as a political tool to keep momentum going. That is very cruel. These lies and inflammations will no doubt haunt these kids and parents through every aspect of their daily lives. No one seems concerned about spreading gross misinformation. This initiative needs to be called off and clarification of the facts of the case made very public.

Supposedly conservatives “have all the money”. I hope someone is able to help stop the demonizing of this man and family. I am a “liberal” who supports Castle Doctrine, which in this case is not even “necessary” as the homeowner would qualify under pre-Castle Doctrine self defense laws.

I actually feel more contempt for those on my “own side” who show really bad behavior than I am about the ‘other side’. Weird, I know. And I have plenty to be disgusted with about these days. Almost no one tells the truth, almost no one really behaves with integrity. If they do, they tend to stay away from politics. I ask that you look at what is happening with the vilification and possible endangerment of this homeowner in Slinger and do what you can to counter act it.


btw the Blogging Blue Brat Pack will know who I am, I could give a rat’s ass. No one over there cares about anything but feeling important and getting ‘looked at’. Your reaction to the Mux post was their pageview gift of the week, they loved it. It’s really obvious. They’ll try to get as much mileage out of that as they can. A lawsuit just validates their sense of self-importance. But do what you need to do.

p.s. there’s no hope for this damn country, there just isn’t. no one is ever going to behave decently or work together ever again. And there’s always going to be far more advantage in lying and causing problems than in solving them. I believe that with all my heart.

p.p.s. I am for the Castle Doctrine more than ever. LOL I just don’t have anyone to vote for anymore. They’re all nuts.

Okay Bye. :/

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