Saturday, November 18th, 2017

A poll of Rowen’s family is also supportive of high-speed rail


We could spend all of our time correcting the work of Jim Rowen if we wanted to and it still would not prevent him from repeating the same erroneous talking points about the same issues over and over again.

But this is a classic:

Western Wisconsin Didn’t Want High-Speed Rail? Another Scott Walker Fumble
That’s what Scott Walker said, but I guess the last time he motorcycled through western Wisconsin he missed the regional rail coalition’s meetings there, as described in the La Crosse Tribune by this plugged-in La Crosse leader, Jennifer Shilling, a state legislator…

I’m shocked, shocked, that a Democratic member of the state assembly would criticize Republican Governor-elect Scott Walker. I think when Jim Rowen worked long ago for one of those near-extinct newspapers, they called this type of story, “Dog Bites Man.”

Perhaps Rowen’s readers would have been better informed if he bothered to mention Shilling’s party identification, or that Walker carried LaCrosse County 20,754 votes to (train-supporting) Tom Barrett’s 20,639 votes.

Perhaps the more interesting story is, “Shilling continues to shill for rail when home county supported Walker.”

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