Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

A quote to start your week


Michael Horne, one of the more interesting writers on the left side of politics, has a new blogging home.

He offers an opinion where the “high-speed” rail’s maintenance facility should be, if it’s ever built.

Madison! The city that can’t find the screwdriver, and wouldn’t know which end to use. The train shops should be located in Milwaukee.

Horne suspects Oconomowoc residents’ questions were the result of concerns over possibly being connected to Milwaukee via Waukesha’s bus system. I would ask, if we can have buses that go from Milwaukee to Brookfield to Waukesha to Oconomowoc, why would we need trains?

Anyway, Horne’s blog post is worth a read so you can keep up on the corporate welfare project for Canadian Pacific known as “high-speed” rail. Welcome back to blogging, Michael.

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