Saturday, November 18th, 2017

A rule for filling out your ballot tuesday


Many years ago when the world was young and before Waukesha Alderman Larry Nelson got his first “Road to Damascus” revelation about city government from a bookmark he got at a used bookstore, I knew this young couple who moved to Madison to work as Republican operatives. Given the choices for government out there, my friends were in a quandary if they should even bother to vote. After all, given my friends’ politics and the politics of the candidates running in their newly adopted hometown, one candidate was as good as another.

Finally they settled on a formula acceptable to them that I offer to anyone still undecided in tomorrow’s elections. As they were political types, they decided they would vote for the hardest working candidates. And the easiest way to tell that was by who asked for their vote.

If a candidate knocked at their door, the candidate got to put up a yard sign. If the candidate sent the most direct mail, or they received the most phone calls from a candidate, then that was who they would vote for.

I normally don’t encourage everyone to vote on election day, just those that agree with me. But if you have to vote, and you’re really undecided, voting for the candidate that actually asked you for your vote is probably not a bad way to go.

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