Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

ACORN and Photo ID


From our friends at Media Trackers in their weekly Message Memo:

ACORN and Photo ID

The League of Women Voters filed suit in Dane County last month challenging the legality of requiring voters to show a photo ID whenever they vote. Carolyn Castore has been the League’s public voice on the matter. Only problem is Castore is the former state director of ACORN and her tenure at the leftwing community organizing group has been labeled by prosecutors as “marred by fraud and corruption.” Three individuals that were hired by Castore earned jail time for Class I felonies committed in relation to voter registration.

And the League thinks Castore is a credible person to speak out on election issues even though, according to Castore, voter registration fraud is a “victimless crime”?

Hey, when it comes to voting integrity, she’s an expert, right?

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