Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

After writing this I got the munchies


This week’s column takes a look at the 98th Assembly District and gives a revealing look at Bob Collison, Libertarian for Assembly, seeking the Republican nomination.

This is not a casual and youthful flirtation with a fringe third party. After all, as a former chairman of the party, Collison played an instrumental role in recruiting Ed Thompson to run for governor as a Libertarian, and co-chaired Thompson’s campaign. Many Republicans still blame Thompson for Gov. Scott McCallum’s loss to current Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle in 2002.

So the next time you hear a Republican sarcastically say, “Thanks Ed” upon hearing of another Doyle scandal, you can cheerfully add, “and Bob!” Collison had no regrets, even promoting Thompson as a speaker nationwide to other state Libertarian chapters.

You’ll have to read the article for the drug legalization stuff.

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