Monday, November 20th, 2017

Al Franken must not have been available


I’m trying to figure out if Nelson is trying to lose this election or what. The hottest e-mail circulating among Republicans in Waukesha is not the Republican National Committee Entertainment Guide, but an e-mail from Senator Russ Feingold:

[name redacted],

Tuesday is Election Day and I want to urge you to support the reelection of my friend Larry Nelson as mayor of Waukesha. In his four years as mayor, Larry has worked hard to solve the city’s decades-old water problem. Mayor Nelson has worked with me and my colleagues in Congress, in addition to local, state, and national leaders of both parties, to advance Waukesha’s application for Great Lakes water.

Under Mayor Nelson’s leadership, Waukesha has experienced strong economic growth. Just last week, Waukesha Electric announced a $42 million expansion that will bring at least 100 new high-paying skilled jobs to Waukesha. In the past 15 months, 29 new businesses have opened in historic downtown Waukesha.

During his time as mayor, Larry also worked to bring in new development, such as The Shoppes at Fox River, Menards, and several state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. These new businesses have brought new jobs to Waukesha and helped to expand the local tax base.

Please join me in supporting Mayor Larry Nelson’s efforts to keep Waukesha growing and moving forward when you cast your vote on Tuesday.


Russ Feingold United States Senator

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Let’s see, one of the biggest negatives Nelson has in the campaign is that he is a partisan Democrat, and his campaign gets Russ Feingold to send out an e-mail on his behalf. Why not put a picture of Governor Jim Doyle on all of his mail pieces while he’s at it?

I know, Democrats. Sometimes they just can’t help themselves.

I have four hours and 52 minutes to make up my mind.

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