Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

An update on Tom Barrett’s Ozzygate


WTMJ-TV news in Milwaukee aired a report (video) on the Barrett campaign’s use of an Ozzy Osbourne video in their press release on Friday.

MILWAUKEE – Mayor Tom Barrett’s gubernatorial campaign claims they really wanted to send reporters a YouTube ad slamming Republican opponent Scott Walker.

Instead, their e-mailed press release web link led to Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” music video.

Barrett’s campaign calls it a mistake.

“Somewhere in the production, someone accidentally swapped in the wrong link,” said spokesperson Phil Walzak.

However, WTMJ failed to ask the obvious question, if Tom Barrett believes that it would have been impossible for someone to accidentally “re-tweet” a video, how could the Barrett campaign “accidentally” post a video link three times within a press release? And if Barrett thought the Walker campaign should fire someone, who is Tom Barrett going to fire from his campaign for this juvenile stunt? Phil Walzak seems like the logical place to start.

Meanwhile, commenter John Foust helpfully points out that the original Ozzygate press release by the Barrett campaign with the Ozzy Osbourne links is still available online.


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