Saturday, August 24th, 2019

And if he stayed in college?


Former Wisconsin Badger cornerback Jack Ikegwuonu blew out his knee getting ready for the NFL draft.

Ikegwuonu, who earlier in the month decided to leave UW a year early, was pulling a sled designed to improve his speed when the injury occurred. He exploded out of a start, planted his leg and the knee buckled.

The injury will all but eliminate Ikegwuonu’s chances of being selected April 26-27 in the National Football League draft. It’s possible a team might take him in a late round and bring along for 2009.

“He’s screwed now,” an executive in personnel for an NFL team said. “He wasn’t going to be that high of a pick, anyway. Fourth round.

“I blame the agent for talking the kid into coming out. Stupid. Because he wasn’t a first-day player.”

And what would have been the reason for remaining in college? Those great financial benefits from shoe contracts and endorsement deals? No, those are reserved for the coaches.

This has nothing to do with the kid coming out of college early. And if the injury occurred after he was drafted he would’ve at least seen some money. Blowing out a knee in college just makes room for the next kid.

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