Friday, November 17th, 2017

And now, a word from Larry Nelson, Our Beloved Leader


Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson takes a moment from his duties as Our Beloved Leader to assure the masses that he loves both Republicans and Democrats.

People who don’t know me would probably be surprised to find that I’m a regular viewer of both Mark Belling’s and Charlie Sykes’ TV shows, a regular reader of blogs including The Spring City Chronicle (thanks for showing the need for background checks), Wigderson Library and Pub (Do I really look like Fidel?), Musings of a Thoughtful Conservative and Jessica McBride’s Media Matters. I like to read and view a wide diversity of opinions, so in addition to the two local papers, I also read USA Today and the New York Times, and regularly watch “The Daily Show” and “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” (a sense of humor is essential with the news in today’s world). To balance the conservative blogs, I read the Xoff Files, folkbum’s ramble and rants, Daily Kos and listen to National Public Radio.

Well, Mr. Mayor, whether or not you look like Fidel Castro is probably less important than the fact that you appear to be on a first name basis.

Keep your sense of humor, Larry, and it’s nice to see you wearing a tie. We’ll talk more about this “blog” thing you’re thinking of starting.

Now, about my firepit in the back yard…

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