Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

And then there were three


The Waukesha Freeman (just one of those annoying dollar coins on Saturday) reports today that there is another candidate for mayor of Waukesha, Mike Volpano. Not much is known about him, but the article says Volpano is, “a company trainer and part-time business teacher at Waukesha County Technical College.”

Mayor Jeff Scrima’s reaction was interesting.

Scrima said that he “welcomes the competition” and that “During the last three years we have kept taxes flat, created over 500 new jobs, headed towards Oak Creek for water, invested millions of dollars into our roads, grown Freeman Friday Night Live and the Farmers Market and with the continued support of the citizens of Waukesha we can become the #1 Best Small City in America by 2018.”

Sounds like it will be just a matter of time before Scrima announces his re-election campaign and makes it four candidates.


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