Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

André Jacque wants to end political robocalls


Kevin Fischer says this might just be the most popular bill in the history of the legislature.

State Rep. André Jacque (R-De Pere) announced today the re-introduction of legislation that will eliminate political robocalls and make Wisconsin’s Do Not Call List permanent.

The current bills have garnered the greatest legislative support of any such effort to date, with an added unique twist: Rep. Jacque is urging residents to call a phone number set up to record short (up to one minute long) robocalls in support of the bill, with their name and hometown included.

“With all the political robocalls that people are currently forced to endure, it’s time we create some that are actually worth listening to,” said Jacque.

A selection of the best entries will be played for committee members at upcoming public hearings on the bill, as well as be made available electronically to the rest of the legislature and the media.

Actually, don’t you want to hear the worst calls? You know which ones. The ones that go wildly off topic or complain that they’re hearing the robocalls from predator drones and black helicopters on the fillings in their teeth. (The fluoride helps with the transmission quality.) Or the calls claiming Governor Scott Walker stole the recall election. We definitely want to hear some of the legalize marijuana calls.

Those calls will be a lot more fun than listening to some senior citizen complaining they once got three phone calls in a row from Hillary Clinton and she wouldn’t answer any questions about Vince Foster. Okay, that phone call might be funny, too.

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