Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Angie Van Scyoc and Joe Banske win outright, send message to City of Waukesha


In the Town of Waukesha today, Angie Van Scyoc and Joe Banske easily won the recall elections today, winning seats on the Town Board outright.

Van Scyoc won the election for Town Board Chairman with 66.5% of the vote, avoiding the need for a run-off. She had 1114 votes to Patricia Bartlett’s 244 votes and incumbent Robert Tallinger’s 318 votes.

Banske won the election for Town Supervisor with 57.7% of the vote, also avoiding the need for a run-off. Banske had 949 votes to Curt Bauer’s 278 votes and incumbent Steve Smart’s 419 votes.

The recall election was primarily a reaction to the vote by Tallinger and Smart to approve a survey map which included land where the city of Waukesha would like to drill five new shallow wells. Town residents are concerned that the new City of Waukesha wells would affect wells in the Town. The Town of Waukesha announced Monday that it has launched two separate legal actions to stop the City of Waukesha from drilling the wells.

The turnout far exceeded expectations and the Town ran out of paper ballots, forcing lines for the electronic voting machine.

I spoke with Joe Banske, an organizer of the recall as well as a candidate, briefly this evening regarding his victory. He said he was very excited but, “There is a ton of work left in front of us.”

Banske was not too surprised at the turnout, “Collecting the signatures for the recall was easy. It was a lot of hard work but people were eager to sign the recall petitions.”

Mayor Jeff Scrima of the City of Waukesha has attempted to pursue alternatives to seeking Lake Michigan water for the city’s long term water needs. One of the alternatives mentioned, although repeatedly ruled out by experts that have studied the issue, was to dig more shallow wells to the west. Tuesday night’s results, coupled with Monday night’s decision by the Town to pursue legal action to stop the five new wells on the Lathers Property, will send a clear signal to the City of Waukesha that other communities will not just roll over should the city decide to pursue drilling more wells or take other steps that will affect the supply of water to the surrounding communities.

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