Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Announcement from the Lufter campaign for state assembly


June 28, 2006

Noted taxpayer and pro-life advocate, and Town of Waukesha resident Christine Lufter today announced her candidacy for the 97th Assembly District seat being vacated by Ann Nischke.

“I’ve spent virtually my entire life in Waukesha, and like most conservatives, I want to make sure the 97th District is represented by someone who shares a deep commitment to our strong fiscal and social conservative values, someone who will not say one thing on the campaign trail but vote differently once in office. Over the past several days I have received many phone calls encouraging me to run, and after praying about it and spending time talking with family and friends, I have decided to continue my passionate fight against needless government spending as a candidate for the state assembly, where if elected, I will fight to lower the tax burden on our citizens and be a tireless advocate for pro-life causes.” commented Lufter.

For the past two years Lufter has served as President of the Waukesha Taxpayers League, leading the fight against the 2005 Waukesha School referendum, as well as reducing the size of the Waukesha County Board. She has been actively involved in her church, St. Joseph’s Parish, and served as a member of the Waukesha School Board from 1992-95. A mother of seven, she resides in the Town of Waukesha with her husband, Rick, and their children.

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