Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Annoying media people in the snow


My “followers” on Twitter know how annoying I find the local television stations traveling to and for getting video for broadcast in the middle of a snowstorm while telling us it’s unsafe to be on the roads. “The sheriff’s department says stay off the roads unless you have to travel. As you can see behind me, the roads are very dangerous…”

Yeah, get off the road. Some of us have to be out there.

We all know that when people stand on the bridges over the freeway holding signs, it distracts the drivers. So what do you think happened when some photographer was up there tonight? Everybody slowed down to see the idiot on the bridge. At least it wasn’t a television station. It was probably the last Milwaukee Journal Sentinel staffer not yet laid off. I hope the photographer got a good shot of the accident he or she likely caused by standing up there.

I received the following interesting comments back on Twitter this afternoon, and I thought I’d share them:

@tiffanyannweber I was just at an appointment by a school and the roads were filled with Fox 6 and WISN trucks! Good Luck!

@MKEmxp Think they secretly hope to be in a fender bender. Easier to find & report the story if you’re in it.

Tonight on the drive home I saw more TV trucks out there hoping to see an accident. Why don’t they just open a window at the studio? “Look, it’s snowing outside. We’re not going anywhere.”

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