Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Annoying propaganda, really


Liberal writer Jim Rowen demonstrates again how unhinged he is on all things Waukesha. Rowen claims the city of Waukesha’s water application is incomplete because the status of the town of Waukesha’s inclusion in the water service area is “pending.” But then Rowen then goes on to make a rather fanciful claim,

Water politics in the Town over the last year have been consequential: there was a recall of Town board members believed too sympathetic with the City’s water supply issues, successful litigation to limit the City’s exploration for water in the Town, and a commitment to a comprehensive public participation by Town residents about whether to remain in the City’s diversion plan.(emphasis added by me)

Um, Jim. Yoo hoo. Were you paying attention, or were you nodding off during the recall? The town board members were recalled because they did not resist strongly enough a city’s plan to annex town land to dig some wells. The town residents are afraid that the wells will cause the water levels to drop and town wells will either have go deeper or just dry up.

Guess what happens if the city of Waukesha’s application for a diversion of Great Lakes water does not go through? Just guess.

Time’s up! The city of Waukesha will need to drill more wells. Guess what will happen if the city of Waukesha digs more wells? The water table will be lowered. Surface water features (like Poplar Creek) will be affected and residents’ wells, including those in the town of Waukesha, will suffer.

If anything, the town’s “successful litigation” (which did not stop the well) shows how necessary it is for the city of Waukesha to look for another source beyond tapping the ground water. And as the application shows, the only source that makes any sense is the exception that was specifically carved out for the city of Waukesha in the Great Lakes Compact, a diversion from Lake Michigan.

Now we know Jim Rowen loathes the city of Waukesha because he blames everyone West of 124th street of killing his precious light rail dream. We don’t vote like he wants us to. We like cars. We think our city has the same right to grow that Milwaukee does. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jim Rowen thought we all looked alike.

Which is funny, because the only time Rowen comes out here is to tell us we shouldn’t have any water.

But you would think, given all that he writes and re-writes and re-posts and re-peats himself on the issue of Waukesha’s diversion, he would step back from being an annoying propagandist and actually contribute something to the discussion.

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