Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Another car chase with shots fired


It’s getting crazy out there.

Highway 14 was closed for several hours between Middleton and Cross Plains Thursday morning as police cleaned up a high speed chase that happened overnight.

Police say it began around 1:30 when a woman reported that an ex boyfriend was drunk and had violated a restraining order.

When police located the man, he took off in a van and collided with at least four squad cars before he was stopped.

Police say one officer actually fired a shot at the man’s van during the chase.

No one was injured.

I would just like to point out that if these people went to bed at a decent hour, last night’s car chase would not have happened. Write your legislators at tell them to support a bill mandating a decent bedtime.

Questions we want answered:
Was the man wearing his seatbelt?
Did he obey the speed limit?
Was he using 10% ethanol fuel?
Was his van a more fuel-efficient model, crash-test rated, and properly tested for emissions?
Was the van airbag equipped?
Did he brush his teeth and wash behind his ears?
Was there a “Garfield” attached to his window obstructing his field of vision?
Was he talking on a cell phone?
Was he adjusting his car stereo at the time of the crash?
And finally, his mom wants to know if he wore clean underwear.

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