Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Apparently Mike Sheridan doesn’t want to take the train


While some Democrats in southeastern Wisconsin and Governor Jim Doyle believe the future is in 19th century technology and building trains, Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan (D) sees a different future for transit from Madison to Illinois. He wants to widen I-39/90 from Madison to the Illinois state line.

Sheridan, a Janesville Democrat, said rebuilding and expanding I-39/90 would help his area and improve commerce throughout the state. He said he wants to do whatever he can to approve the project, which could include advancing a bill this month on the work.

The expansion would include adding an extra lane each way, but does not include a train. Perhaps it’s because Sheridan understands that to help his region, the most efficient way to improve transportation of people, goods and services is to build better roads.

So when Milwaukee becomes a complete traffic bottle-neck because Governor Jim Doyle and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett did nothing to improve the Zoo Interchange, Wisconsinites traveling to and from Illinois may be able to bypass Milwaukee altogether with a more efficient route to the West.

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