Monday, May 20th, 2019

Are the Waukesha Freeman and other vendors of Friday Night Live endorsing Jeff Scrima?


Slightly different case than the Farmers’ Market, but the Freeman Friday Night Live Facebook page (presumably run by the Downtown Business Association) also has an endorsement of Mayor Jeff Scrima. The difference is that this endorsement puts the sponsors of the weekly entertainment series on the spot. Is the Waukesha Freeman endorsing Scrima? What about the other sponsors? What about the businesses that host stages? What do they think of endorsing Scrima?

For an event that requires as much city support as it receives, you would think the organizers would be very careful about alienating large segments of the public.

The mayor’s supporters are trying to scare people into believing Friday Night Live is in danger from his opponents. The real threat to Friday Night Live comes from the behavior of his supporters.

friday night live endorses Scrima

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