Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

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Owen Robinson calls BS on the school lunch program numbers.  I always liked the mock chicken legs. 

The Appleton Post-Crescent (aka, the Appleton Half-Moon) lists the problems at the state treasurer’s office, but stops short of suggesting Sass should be removed.

Rick Esenberg tackles the Gableman question, is it enough not to lie?  We’ll see if a state supreme court justice is held to a higher standard than the President.

The Wisconsin State Journal calls for the repeal of the minimum mark-up law.  Do it for grandma.

Waukesha County wants us to “learn about fall prevention this autumn.”  If it’s autumn, isn’t it already too late to stop fall?

Some college professor agrees with me about The Abortionist.

Patrick at the Badger Blogger has the videos from Saturday’s Tea Party protest in the comments.  I understand no tea was actually spilled as part of the production.

Fred at Real Debate discovers environmentalists no longer poop in the woods with the bears.

The MacIver Institute notes Senator Feingold may not vote for a bad bill for really bad reasons.  And he’s just obnoxious enough not to do it, too.  Which would be a good thing.  I think.

One of Ann Althouse’s commenters, William, just punctures the balloon of any John Edwards partisan left to defend the cad.  Memo to other would-be-cads: You can do better than the Dave Matthews Band.

Finally, the Weekly Standard’s blog gives readers the Irving Kristol reading list.

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