Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Arrest them all and let God sort ’em out


What is the point of having police in the state Capitol? It’s not like they are actually doing anything.

About 30 “Solidarity Singers” defied warnings from Capitol Police and continued to protest on the Capitol’s second floor on Thursday.

Police issued verbal warnings to protesters involved in the daily Solidarity Singalong on Wednesday and posted a reminder on the Capitol Police blog Thursday, stating that demonstrations must be limited to the ground and first floors, unless a permit is obtained. The policy is the result of a June court settlement.

“I think it’s my right to exercise freedom of speech up here,” Jean Sielaff said as she draped a banner over a second-floor banister that read “My freedom of speech doesn’t stop on the first floor.” “This is a public place, and they (Department of Administration) have overstepped their authority.”
Sielaff, of Mount Horeb, and other protesters stated they had been warned on Wednesday that they would be cited if they continued protests from the second floor of the rotunda on Thursday. Sielaff said more demonstrators were using the upper level as a result of the warnings.

Capitol Police issued no citations Thursday, Chief Charles Tubbs said.

Look. They don’t have permits. They’re disrupting people working in the offices. They’re releasing balloons in the Capitol that could do damage when they know they’re not supposed to. And despite the special priveleges they have been granted, they can’t even obey the simple rules about where they should be protesting. They’ve been a bunch of spoiled brats that have been overindulged for far too long.

Either the police chief restores law and order in the Capitol, or Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch should find someone who can. And if Huebsch isn’t willing to do it, then Governor Scott Walker should replace Huebsch.

Somebody find some handcuffs and start arresting some people. It’s really that simple.

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